What Is Artificial Column Covering Tree

- Apr 28, 2019-

What kind of tree is column covering tree?In fact, the tree covering the pillar is not a kind of type, but a form of expression modeling, such as our shopping mall has some columns, we want to decorate the column, it is necessary to use the artificial  column covering pillar tree.


HAC artificial column tree can be simulation banyan tree, simulation coconut tree,artificial maple tree,artificial willow tree,artificial fruit tree,artificial flower tree,etc.As long as the role of covering the pillars, we are call artificial column covering tree.

banyan tree

Nowadays, artificial column covering tree can be seen in every corner, no matter in shopping malls or specialty stores, or in some restaurants and other places.



Why are HAC artificial column covering trees so popular in daily adornment?First of all, it must be its high imitation.And simulation tree is easy to maintain, not deformation, environmental protection ,no harm to human.