What Is Fresh-keeping Palm Tree

- May 10, 2019-

Artificial fresh-preserved palm trees are made by chemical treatment,looks as same as real tree.It is artificially processed, decorated, and refers to the natural growth of palm trees to produce fresh palm leaves and bark that need no maintenance.After artificial processing, decoration, and reference to naturally growing palm trees, fresh-keeping palm leaves and tree bark are maintained without maintenance . Through the processing of fresh-keeping palm trees, the leaves can be evergreen, and the bark feels like a real tree.

Nowadays, the global building public space is developing towards the direction of both high and large, which needs tall landscape decoration crafts to fill the empty space. Fresh-keeping palm trees have the characteristics of plain and beautiful nature, and are deeply loved by people.

Keeping palm trees fresh is a technical method of making palm trees artificially.The products are summarized as follows: gathering the leaves of palm trees for preservation and processing, and combining them with the trunks of artificial palm trees to form palm craft products, which can maintain a beautiful shape in indoor environment for more than 10 years.