What Is The Experience Of Dining Under A Large Artificial Peach Tree?

- Dec 07, 2019-

    The Chinese lunar New Year is just around the corner, and with it comes an increasing number of orders for peach trees and cherry trees. During the Spring Festival, many businesses or the government buy large quantities of faux peach trees to celebrate the New Year, celebrate the opening of new stores and so on.

   The silk peach tree below is for a large square.It is 600cm tall and full of delicate and opening  blooms.seems like a towering tree in the bright spring.Its beautiful and realistic appearance is particularly eye-catching, especially when it is placed outdoors as a landscape decoration, makes it so unique in the sunshine.

Bespoke Large Peach Blossom Tree Design For Restaurant

   Peach floral tree is just as stunning as a restaurant decor.See the tree below.The silk tree canopy is spreading over 6m above the restaurant tables, creating the perfect dining experience.Nobody will feel uncomfortable sitting in such an environment for dinner.See what our client said:every day we get customers complimenting on how beautiful the blossom tree is, and just what a difference it has made to our restaurant. Not only it does it look spectacular, but also attracts many customers.

silk peach blossom tree