What materials are needed to make a artificial tree?

- Nov 12, 2018-

In daily life or in work, we often see simulation trees. These artificially created fake trees are almost all used for indoor and outdoor decoration, and the artificial trees are made by hand, compared with real trees. Have the same shape, if you don't look at it and you can't recognize the true and false, then why is it so realistic? What is the secret?

We usually see artificial palm trees on the street, and the artificial tree is made of FRP, resin, tarpaulin and iron wire. Its production material is no different from the general simulation tree. Almost all of the same differences are used, and the process is similar.

The material of the general simulation tree can be divided into the following five types:

The first type of plastic: the plastic material can make the leaves of the artificial tree wide and sleek, so that the leaves of the leaves are bumpy and convex, and the leaves of the glue touch the flesh.

The second type of eucalyptus leaves: the artificial tree of the eucalyptus leaf material mainly represents the simulation of bamboo. The leaves made of crepe cloth can not only keep the bright color of the bamboo, but also highlight the soft beauty of the bamboo, and the breeze blows through the lifelike feeling. .

The third resin: the artificial tree made of resin has the characteristics of high reduction, strong plasticity and good stability.

The fourth type of stainless steel: the larger artificial tree tree pole is mainly made of steel pipe, such as the large tree type of simulated coconut tree, the branch is made of steel bar, and the stainless steel material has the characteristics of high hardness, anti-aging and waterproof.

The fifth kind of cement: the artificial tree made of cement material has the characteristics of realistic color texture, high simulation degree, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-deformable, close to the texture and affinity of real wood, strong and durable, etc. The amount of engineering required for the tree is large, so the cost of the simulated tree of cement material is also relatively high.