Where Can Buy Artificial Fiberglass Coconut Tree?

- Jun 27, 2019-

      Xi 'an Lehua amusement park is the first animation technology experience park featuring roller coaster clusters in Asia, which can be called the most theme park of roller coaster in Asia.Under the background of the decoration of this engineering simulation king coconut, the high-end atmosphere, special style, beautification of the environment, and enduring,Add a lot of characteristic interest to the amusement experience and ecological experience.

palm 3coconut palm tree

    The coconut palm trees produced by our factory are highly adaptable and can be used in water parks, theme parks, seaside, buildings, commercial streets, squares, rivers, ecological gardens, community courtyards, exhibition halls and other occasions.

   If you have relevant requirements, welcome to consult online or emailing saila@haconvergence.com.