Where Can I Customize Artificial Trees

- Oct 10, 2020-

Where Can I Customize The Artificial Tree?

The biggest advantage of simulation tree is no need to maintain, there are more and more artificial tree manufacturers. Most manufacturers produce standardized products.But what if you don't like the specifications or the height or style of the products doesn't match the decor?Those of you who have read this article are very lucky. Our aim is to be customer-oriented. Any idea or creative can be realized by HAC team.

large canopy trees for your events

 So which fake trees can be customized?

Common silk palm tree, artificial cherry blossom tree, faux banyan tree,artificial maple tree and other trees can be customized.Such as you would like a tree, it needs large area covering the ceiling, but in order not to occupy more space, the trunk should be putted in the corner, we will make the crown a little flat according to your requirements, instead of a round crown or an umbrella crown like a regular tree.The flat crown can better stick to the ceiling, both keep beautiful, also won't take up too much space.If we hit a right Angle, we can make a 90 degree crown.If you see a tree that you like very much in an animation or somewhere, please remember to take a picture of it and tell us what you think. You should know that HAC team is expert at making artificial trees.

artificial coconut trees for beach decoration

giant fake banyan trees

HAC artificial cherry blossom tree