Why are banyan trees so popular in theme parks?

- Apr 23, 2019-

People who have been to the tropical regions will sigh over the extraordinary workmanship of nature when they see such peculiar phenomena as "single tree makes forest", "plants strangling each other", "huge plank root", "prop root", "old stem hanging fruit", "one tree bearing numerous fruits in four seasons" and "tree waterfall".In fact, most of these wonderful phenomena are formed by the banyan tree, one of the key plant groups in the tropical rainforest.Because people at any time can not see any kind of banyan flowering, only fruit, so the banyan is also called "FIG" tree.But real plants are often influenced by climatic factors, so not every place can experience the atmosphere of a tropical rainforest from zero distance.

ficus tree

Theme parks, with the purpose of reproducing a certain living environment to disseminate knowledge and culture, have become a rare medium, way or approach.This is also because the development of modern science and technology has provided a variety of possibilities for this, so there are theme parks such as Disneyland, so that we can learn more knowledge and enrich human culture in a convenient and comfortable environment in the city.

banyan tree

ficus tree2