Why Are Large Palm Trees Necessary For Landscaping?

- Mar 26, 2020-


With the development of social economy, simulation technology has gradually come into people's life, replacing most of the natural plants. Because of the improvement of simulation technology, it has played a great role in greening, decoration and landscaping. In shopping malls, most of them use simulated palm trees as the first floor lobby decoration, which is simple and atmospheric.

Large palm trees for amusement park

Fake palm tree has a wide range of applications, some hotels, resorts, parks, squares, amusement parks, shopping malls and other occasions can be applied. The shape of big palm trees is beautiful, with luxuriant branches and leaves, many parasitic roots, and the tree body is mainly large, with natural color. Standing under the tree, it seems to be in the nature. HAC silk palm tree is mainly made of fiberglass materials, and there are many kinds of manufacturing processes to achieve realistic looking. The shape of the whole tree is more lifelike. The tree body can be designed, with various shapes and light weight. It is suitable for handling and installation, easy to clean and green the land. The texture of the simulated palm bark is clear and the feel is excellent. The leaves are also made of high-quality silk with good corrosion resistance. It gives people a very beautiful and comfortable feeling.

Artificial palm trees can be placed indoors or applied outdoors. Of course, there will be some differences in the materials, like the outdoor palm leaves are made of UV protection materials to against the strong sunlight and wind. Contact us for your project or event,HAC will offer you a wonderful and eye-catching design.