Why Is The Custom Simulation Tree More Expensive Than The Regular One?

- Oct 18, 2019-

  We all know that artificial plants are designed from highly simulated raw materials, which are environmentally friendly and durable, and can be made into a variety of shapes according to people's preferences. Most people pay attention to creativity and innovation nowadays.The simulation plant belongs to the creative products, so it is favored by all sectors of society.


  Why is the custom simulation tree more expensive than the regular one?

  There is not mold for customized trees. Every step need to do by hand, It is not only demanding on workers, and steps are very complicated, in the absence of mold, want to achieve a perfect simulation tree, we first need to manual welding the outline of the trunk, completes the internal steel structure, then pack a layer of steel net.The tree texture that you see at the end was made by hand.

This is only the general direction of the steps, there are many details not listed, I believe that reading here, you must understand the value of custom tree.