Wide application of artificial plant walls

- Nov 12, 2018-

Artificial plant walls is one of the first choices for modern decorations. Why is it one of the first choices? Because there are so many modern decorations, there are really too many. Take our company's products, like some simulation trees, artificial flowers, there are hundreds of kinds. However, the advantages of the simulation Zhiqiang can be more clearly reflected in the city (the wall), which is our theme today, and also an important part of decorating our artificial plant wall!

Our artificial plant wall is made up of a variety of plant components that don't look monotonous, and don't look messy! Our plant wall is a artificial plant exterior with a thematic features that is also a wonderful way of not affecting the space and looking good. Outside we know the advertisements in the bus station, and the artificial plant wall can be combined with advertising, media and accessories.

Our artificial plant wall can be installed in addition to the wall surface and the ground. Why can it be installed underneath? Because our artificial plant wall is inlaid into the ground is a very new decoration. The installed artificial plant wall is installed with a layer of glass! Both look good and have a deep feeling of mirror!