5m Fiberglass Large Banyan Trees In The Concert Located In Las Vegas, USA

- Aug 03, 2020-

At the invitation of a Theme Concert, HAC has produced large banyan trees which are very suitable for the current scene, located in LAS Vegas, USA.

Custom giant banyan tree indoor outdoor decoration

Fake plastic ficus tree is 5m high and 4m wide. The thick stem is made of fiberglass, which is lightweight and suitable for carrying and moving. The texture of the trunk is clear, and the simulation degree is up to 90%. Branch out of the trunk is removable, easy to handle packaging and handling. A simulation of the weight of a large banyan tree will not be too heavy, convenient to move. The leaves of simulation banyan are also highly simulated, made of high-quality silk cloth. Clear and bright texture, bright green, let people like the spring breeze. Even if the large simulation banyan tree, special materials can keep a long time without cleaning. The unique shape of artificial banyan tree is deeply loved by the guests of the Theme Concert, as if they are in the nature. In the quiet green, enjoy the music, scene and singing. Large indoor decorative artificial ficus tree is more suitable to be placed in the reception, banquet, theme hotel, lobby and so on.