A Wonderful Artificial Christmas Tree

- Jul 19, 2019-

The Christmas tree originated in Europe in the 18th century and was introduced to Britain in the early 19th century.The first artificial Christmas tree, made of wood and feathers, was invented by the Germans.Christmas tree has become the most lively Christmas, the most lovely decorations, decorated with colorful Christmas, but also a symbol of happiness and hope.

artificial christmas tree

With the popularity of artificial Christmas trees, there are more and more styles.The following is the main introduction of HAC simulation Christmas tree architecture.Our frame is made of galvanized steel pipe and pine branches are made of high quality plastic.Another regular practice is to make a tree shape, with the trunk made of fiberglass.


Our Christmas tree has many advantages: it is detachable and easy to transport, install and place.Galvanized steel frame, windproof, can resist grade 10 typhoon, can be used safely in large places.