Application Of Simulated Coconut Tree In Ecological Landscape

- Nov 12, 2018-

In real life, everyone pays attention to watching TV dramas. There are many beautiful flowers and trees in the landscaping. In fact, it is just a simulation scene, and we usually see some beautiful plants in some shopping malls or hotel lobby. The first vision is true. However, after careful observation, it is actually a simulated art.

The simulated coconut tree generally has two common practices of preservation and FRP, simulating the height and shape of the real tree. The simulation coconut tree is not only easy to control and change in appearance or decoration effect, so it is loved and sought after by customers. In recent years, it has played a huge decorative role as a landscape decoration, garden landscaping, home and street use.

The simulation of coconut trees enhances the expressiveness and appeal of the scenery in the garden with the environment, and becomes an art form of “imitation of nature, higher than nature”. As a simulation coconut tree design in the ecological park simulation tree: the ecological park landscape is different from the natural landscape. The landscape in the ecological garden has the role of teaser in addition to the natural shape and spirit.

The simulated coconut tree has the advantages of no need for care, convenient installation, long life, and short-time decoration and landscaping. In the process of competing with the real tree, the real tree has become the most popular green decoration. Its biggest drawback is that it is afraid of high temperature, so avoid placing it next to equipment or instruments with large heat and heat, so as not to cause high temperature deformation and discoloration of the artificial tree.