Artificial Cedar Tree To Create A Perfect Fairy Tale Paradise

- Aug 02, 2019-

Cedar is a pine cedar evergreen trees, its beautiful tree posture, majestic momentum, straight trunk and favored, in the garden greening has been widely used.But because of its light, soil, terrain, environmental requirements are too strict and cedar tree blight prevention after management costs are too high.So the magical side of the simulated cedar tree was successfully displayed.

At present, the simulation tree is popular in the decoration of some tourist attraction, large shopping mall, farmhouse, hotel, resort and other place, because the simulation tree shows a kind of spatial art, and this kind of art can make people happy, and has a good role in beautifying the environment.And in the selection of construction materials, but also consider environmental factors, and the overall design and site collocation.

We always pursue high quality and high standard of raw materials.For example, the main branches of simulated cedar are specially made with hard spring steel.The leaves are made of new imported plastic and rubber synthetic materials, which can keep the flexibility and endurance for a long time.The internal structure of the tree stem is galvanized steel keel and sealed.