Artificial Plant Placement Advice

- Nov 12, 2018-

Nowadays, in most corners, you can see the shadows of simulated plants, parks, streets, and artificial trees in the community. They dance with the real trees, so you can't tell which one is true or not. It is placed in the family living room. The artificial flower and small bonsai, the office is like the "sweet tree", "good fortune" and other artificial of small plants, even the various grasses everywhere have a 1:1 artificial model.

Some people say that when technology advances, people become lazy, and even if they raise a little plant, they don't want to take care of it. In fact, I don’t think so. The pace of life is accelerating with the pace of social progress. It is also constantly increasing the pressure on people who work hard for a better life. Under such circumstances, who will have time and energy. To serve which delicate potted plants, it is better to put a little artificial of the small plants, you can't think of it for a month, there is no problem, not only beautify the indoor environment and easy to take care of, it is not beautiful in one fell swoop.

From the convenience of care and landscaping, the artificial of plants is really fascinating, but as a practitioner of the artificial plant industry, I would like to give you a few notes:

First of all, the artificial of the plant is fake. Although modern technology gives it the same appearance and feel as the real one, and even has some special functions, it can never carry out photosynthesis and cannot purify the air. It is recommended that you mix and match the simulated plants and the real plants.

There is also a very important point that the artificial plants are artificially manufactured, and now the rapid development of the artificial plant industry has resulted in a mixed quality of products. When choosing, be sure to choose a product from a veteran brand that has more than ten years of production experience