Artificial Vertical Green Wall Can Decorate Various Indoor And Outdoor Spaces

- Aug 02, 2019-

As a new favorite of indoor and outdoor three-dimensional gardening, artificial plant wall is increasingly moving towards indoor and outdoor living space, such as shopping mall, residential, front desk, pillar, sun room, balcony, etc., Besides beautification environment, plant wall is more for foil atmosphere actually.With the development of the economic level, air environment and visual environment become the human's health concerns. Plant wall can be said to be a three-dimensional indoor garden, the beautiful exterior of the building wall. Wall greening will become the new trend of urban greening in the future.


First of all, the simulated grass wall can increase the amount of urban greening, enhance the landscape effect, solve the urban heat island benefits, energy conservation and emission reduction, absorption of noise, dust, improve the urban ecological environment.

Urban construction of high-rise buildings occupy the green space, wall greening is to nature by the interference, loss compensation, is one of the important ways to achieve livable city.


Secondly, different types of wall greening can meet the requirements of different construction conditions, such as building structure, climate environment, plant materials, functional requirements, and investment scale, etc., so as to make wall greening more targeted. In this way, wall greening can not only exert ecological effects in a larger scope, but also improve urban environment.

Thirdly, as a new mode of ecological development, artificial vertical plant wall has been widely promoted abroad, such as 1 Hotel Central Park, Spain Green Wall Cafe, Singapore Oasia Hotel , and House In The Outskirts Of Brussels. These famous cases of plant wall are all worthy of our study and research.