Do You Remember The World's Largest Lego Cherry Tree?

- Aug 26, 2019-

 A cherry tree sets a Guinness World Records at LEGOLAND Japan, a LEGOLAND theme park in Nagoya, Japan, in 2018.Not because the fake cherry tree is particularly tall, fragrant and has a long flowering period, but the world's largest Lego cherry tree, assembled to celebrate the theme park's first anniversary.


The artificial cherry tree was made of 881,470 pieces of Lego bricks and took more than 6,500 hours to assemble.Especially heavy pink cherry blossoms, from the branches of the slightly drooping, with the same color of the lantern, It's really springy.


Finally, the staff also put the lights on the cherry trees. Fortunately, at night, we can enjoy the night cherry trees with different customs, but we don't know whether the future garden has considered opening a cherry blossom forest, so that tourists don't have to rush to enjoy the cherry trees in spring, and can enjoy the beauty of the cherry trees of Lego all the time!


In fact, there are many kinds of trees, but it is a great idea to put together with Lego bricks. Besides beauty and vitality, wisdom and sweat are also condensed on the cherry tree!For half a century, artificial trees have been widely used as decoration materials in home, office, garden, tourism and other places for decoration.