Green Artificial Plant Wall Is Not Environmentally Friendly?

- Nov 12, 2018-

Recently, I can often see such questions in the market. Is it impossible to simulate the plant wall in the end? If you want to figure out such a problem, you have to figure out some problems, that is, the supply situation in the market, as well as the material production of the artificial plant wall. Only in these two aspects, you may know more deeply. Or better understand some. The materials for simulating plant walls are made of environmentally friendly polymer materials such as PVC and PE. Such materials can be recycled. Therefore, at the source, it is considered to be more environmentally friendly.

In the past, in the market of artificial plant walls, almost the opposite is that the overseas market is relatively broad. There are almost few orders in China, probably due to the difference in economic level between overseas and mainland China. Technology is relatively mature in foreign countries, so how do they identify the environmental status of simulated plant walls in developed places like Europe and North America? Overseas, they all have a more authoritative third-party testing organization. The results of environmental testing for fire detection are relatively authoritative; we have customer orders from Europe and the United States every year, basically without exception. After sending the samples to the European side for an environmental test, we can only produce them after the qualified ones. After the delivery, we still need to conduct sampling and spot checks. In general, it is very formal in the detection of environmental protection.

The same is true in China. For example, under normal circumstances, the simulated plant wall is not added with anti-flame retardant, but we can't see it with and without adding. It can only be proved by time, but our time Can't wait, what should I do? It has also been heard by third-party testing organizations to detect the detection of anti-flame retardant. It should be relatively complicated to add anti-flame retardant effect. There are also some environmental protection tests that are also tested by third parties; after all, the state and the government are also paying more attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, so the detection of environmental protection is an indispensable link, so the green simulation plant wall is changed. We don't have to worry too much about environmental issues.