HAC-The First Choice Of Wedding Companies

- Dec 17, 2019-

   Now the bride and groom pay more and more attention to the decoration of the wedding venue. In addition to the wedding site this hard condition, soft decoration is both exciting and worrying problem.In order to perfectly implement their ideas, many people will turn to the wedding or event design company as the perfect wedding scene, which also saves time for the bride and groom to prepare other things.

flower arch

flower backdrop

   A company that specializes in wedding and party themes is often in great demand for artificial flowers and other decorations for flower arch or tabletop centerpieces. As a manufacturer of fake silk flowers, HAC has many kinds of elegant faux flowers, including artificial peony, silk rose, silk Plumeria, simulated cherry blossom, artificial grass, artificial reed and so on.All products are made of environmentally friendly materials.As a manufacturer, the price we offer is also very affordable, so the design company can conduct one-stop procurement in HAC at a lower price, which not only saves money, but also improves work efficiency.

tabletop centerpiece flower arrangements