How Is The Artificial Banyan Tree Of Wonderful Workmanship Made

- Jul 17, 2019-

Simulation banyan tree is made like really banyan tree, it is necessary to all the real banyan tree for the bluewill take the real banyan tree as this blueprint.Imitate not only its shape, but also its manner.Our boss, Mr. Liang song, is a senior professional master of simulation technology in China. He has been dedicated to the industry for 20 years. He is a leader in drawing design and craft making.He led the professional team footprint throughout the country and the world celebrities business circle, in the peer has the lead model and pioneering and innovative role of the benchmark.


He often stressed that in the production of artificial fig tree branches and trunk to fully understand the shape of the real banyan tree characteristics which including how to transit from trunk to branch, the ratio of branch to trunk.Secondly, he also pays great attention to details, especially the production of tree trunk texture, which is different from other peers. We strive to achieve high simulation, so once the clients buy our trees, they will buy them again.