How To Match The Style Of The Artificial Flower

- Nov 12, 2018-

The artificial flower is now bursting into the face of the market, and you can see that you are dazzled and unable to start. It always feels better than that. This is better than that. It is also a difficult thing to choose too much. In fact, the flower is to know how to match it to show its style. Different styles of flowers are different. If you choose a flower arrangement, it will inevitably have a feeling of being too monotonous. Then, to simulate How does the style of the flower match look good, and make the room more stylish?

Want to make the simulation flower in the space is not vulgar, first pay attention to color. In the choice of color system, the artificial flower should maintain a certain unity with the flower, curtain, sofa and wall painting. If you like American country style, then in the selection of artificial flowers, it is best to choose a simulation pot with green branches and fruits. In addition, a small number of weed plants can be used as appropriate. Second, pay attention to the choice of flower. The rustic and rough clay pottery can make the home become wild. Old wrought iron flowerware can add artistic and nostalgic feelings to the home. The crystal glassware and rattan flower ware can complement each other in the American country space. In addition to the flower, we must also pay attention to the use of flowers and flowers, the height of the branches, reflecting the sense of space. The low terracotta ware with the high-flowers of the boots will make the whole space stand out. The small cranberry plum with the rain cherry blossoms can highlight the natural and fresh leisure style than the lily and the rose.

The above is that the matching style of the artificial flower is to match the color of the flower and the color of the vase and the style of the environment to show the effect. The good environment space is matched with it. I believe that as long as you are above The method can be combined with your favorite environment according to your own ideas.