Magic Wisteria Tree, Incredibly So Big Use!

- Aug 14, 2019-

When every family decorates, will face two very serious problems.

First is house receive function too too weak;

Second, there is no satisfactory decoration on the rigid corner!

I'm going to share some designs with you today.

Not only does it greatly increase the storage function of the house,

Can let the house raise a class on beautiful degree more!


In general, When people are decorated, they will choose to idle such corners, Nobody can think of a corner to place a artificial wisteria flower tree can have so big effect.Not only does it take up no space at all, but it also makes the whole space seem enlarged and full of vitality.


The main materials of this kind of tree are rattan and artificial silk flower. The irregular shape of rattan can shape a variety of different shapes. The simulated flower or simulated leaf can also be selected according to needs.