Production Of Indoor Plant Walls

- Nov 12, 2018-

The indoor plant wall has natural plant production and simulation of plant wall production. After all, with the maturity of the intelligent drip irrigation system, the use of real plant accessories for indoor plant walls is also increasing. Similarly, with the production of artificial plant walls. The development of technology, the use of artificial plants in indoor plant walls is also very popular in the market; simulation and natural plants are two different materials, the production process is also different, the price is also different; simulation indoor plant wall and true There is no such thing as a good or bad planting indoor plant wall.

If you want to use the real planting indoor wall to spend some time to choose materials, you need to prepare 1, the choice of plant accessories for indoor plant walls, according to different people's preferences and environmental habits to choose the right accessories plant flowers. Accessories suitable for indoor growth or outdoor growth 2. Selection of plant wall technology. The different materials required for different processes basically require transport systems such as water and nutrient solutions, grassroots structures and irrigation systems. 3. Dig the ditch and the sink to change the water and drain. The above 3 points are the basic steps of some true indoor plant walls.

Indoor plant wall making

The simulation of the indoor plant wall is simpler. You can directly choose some of the favorite plant wall accessories. Some maintenance management methods can be neglected. You don't have to consider the environmental growth habits of the plant wall accessories. The materials to be prepared are 1 General indoor plant walls are made on the wall, so mainly prepare some wire mesh, and pearl cotton, as well as some expansion screws and iron wires. 2. Choose some of your favorite simulated plant wall accessories.

The indoor plant wall provides a new type of organic ecological material for architectural design and architectural decoration. The indoor plant wall is a wall made of green plants. The indoor plant wall has the function of separating the inner and outer spaces, and the green color gives the comfort and beauty. According to different environmental requirements, we have designed indoor plant wall shapes with different shapes, high and low staggered, and harmonious environment. After careful cultivation and pruning, the indoor plant walls are trimmed with beautiful patterns to make the indoor plant walls more beautiful. Indoor plant walls can block a lot of light and heat radiation.

Indoor plant wall material

The simulation indoor plant wall has established ISO9001 international quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, and AAA standardized good behavior system. The materials used in the simulation of indoor plant wall products are environmentally friendly polymer materials, PVC and PE. Plants and leaves produced by PE and PVC polymer materials are not moldy, non-corrosive, no need to water, and no mosquitoes. These advantages, the indoor plant wall does not require post-maintenance, it is very suitable for indoor and outdoor green decoration.

Indoor plant wall price

The price of the simulated indoor plant wall is priced according to the square meter. It is priced according to different plant density, and the price of different plants is also different. Generally, a square 50-60 plant wall fitting is more suitable. The number is a relatively dense indoor plant wall. According to the current market demand, the price of indoor plant walls is relatively high at 500-600 per square meter.