The Advantages And Characteristics Of Artificial Coconut Trees

- Nov 12, 2018-

The artificial coconut tree is a kind of artificial tree. The coconut tree belongs to a tree species of palm family. The coconut tree is mainly grown in the southern part of China. The tree stem is extremely straight, the leaves are in the shape of an umbrella, and the fruit is coconut fruit. The artificial coconut tree is made from other materials that mimic the shape of the coconut tree. It has the same appearance and tree bar pattern as the real coconut tree.

Due to the materials used in the simulation of coconut trees (galvanized steel, pu material, high-performance epoxy resin, fiberglass fiber), it has a wider application range than real coconut trees, because the artificial coconut trees have no local restrictions, the cold in the north. The weather can also be installed, suitable for some ecological gardens, tropical scenic spots, parks, amusement parks, etc., because the simulation of coconut trees has the effect of saving time, and the plasticity of long-term use and shape.

The cultivation of true coconut trees requires environmental adaptation, and it takes a long time to grow. However, the artificial coconut trees do not need these steps, they can be installed and used after production, and the shape controllability of the tree stems can be made according to the environment. artificial coconut trees with different tree pole shapes.

There are many types of tree stems for simulating coconut trees. In real life, each tree tree type has another name, such as: big king coconut, lollipop coconut, betel nut coconut tree, bottle coconut tree, coconut shell Coconut trees and the like are similar to artificial coconut trees, but each has its own characteristics and applications.

The price of the artificial coconut tree is not high, and it is much lower than the price of the real coconut tree. It also has the advantages of convenient transportation, convenient installation and long-term use.