The World's Most Beautiful Soft - Fitting Artifact, Subvert Your Aesthetic Intuition-Artificial Flower

- Aug 05, 2019-

In the field of floral design, more and more artificial flowers appear in the home, wedding scene, hotel, exhibition hall, shopping mall, florist display, window device, floral restaurant and other commercial consumption and public places, the application range is wide.


In HAC, Artificial flower is a popular household decoration artifact,Simulation flower art works and soft decoration space for the majority of consumers to provide an aesthetic experience that can against time,become a favorite photo spot for tourists.In addition, in the field of flower art, artificial flowers are also commonly used by flower artists soft decoration art.In addition, in the field of flower art, artificial flowers are also commonly used by florists as soft decoration works of art.



Why are artificial flowers popular?

Long viewing time and high practical value.Different from the short vase insertion period of flowers, simulated flowers can against with time and have long ornamental value, strong plasticity, but also give designers more creative space and high practical value.

Environmental protection, material flexibility.Most of the production materials of artificial flowers are plastic, silk, etc., pollution-free and green.The material used to make the simulated flower is elastic and plasticity.

There are so many styles for selection.

Wide application range, wide application of the population.To the flower lovers who are allergic to pollen,can safely use fake silk flower decorations.For busy office workers who don't grow flowers but love flowers very much, simulation flowers are also excellent decorations, which can save time cost and enjoy the pleasure brought by flowers and plants decoration.