Tips For Buying Artificial Plants

- Aug 09, 2019-

HAC artificial plant artificial tree indoor and outdoor decoration, mainly used for hotel, shopping center, restaurant, office building, leisure center, home decoration greening,etc.

In real life, people can design and decorate at will according to the actual environment, avoiding the restriction of natural factors such as climate, illumination and moisture of living trees. The special aesthetic effect brought by decoration, greening and landscape arrangement is also accepted and loved by more and more people.

Here are a few things to know about the features of the simulation tree and how to buy it:

Main features of simulation tree:

1. Light weight, good hardness, good elasticity and toughness

2. Diversity, can match color at will

3. The surface texture is clear, realistic, strong three-dimensional sense

4. Can be customized according to the requirements of various specifications.Meet the needs of different customers

Tips for buying simulated tree:

1. Don't just compare the price, to measure from multiple aspects, such as craftsmanship, texture, internal structure and so on

2. Determine the style to be used, such as in the corner or in the center of the place

3. Before purchasing, determine the size suitable for your place, especially indoor space. Since the height and width are limited, it is important to confirm the size with the supplier before purchasing the simulation tree

4. For example, artificial banyan tree has white, green and gold colors, while the simulated flower tree has more colors, so the appropriate color should be selected according to the actual site