Tree House In Anglo Singapore International School

- Aug 12, 2020-

Everyone has a "secret base" in their childhood, which carries their happy memories of being alone or in groups. Tree house is the most common space form of "secret base". The little tree house in the movie is always full of childlike innocence and dreams.Treehouse for kindergarten

Thailand tree house, a classic work completed by HAC, can realize such a dream for you. Such a green handicraft that allows you to go back to the past and find innocence will definitely make you linger.

installtion show

In order to return the design to the traditional decorative style, the design of this kind of tree house carries out different patterns of hollowing treatment on the natural modeling trees and the original modeling houses, including the roof ridge, the wall surface, the whole tree root surface, etc. The main building materials are wooden frame, iron frame, iron net, glass and steel, etc. Because this time we mainly designed the whole tree house special style for a kindergarten in Thailand. The image of the whole tree outside the house is like a big banyan tree, with lush green on the roof. The stairs are made of unique trees, with lifelike texture. It seems like walking in the forest. The stairs lead to the internal structure of the second floor tree house, which is about to be filled with children's laughter. There is also a secret base on the bottom. The small wooden door next door can walk in slowly. The layout is well distributed, so that the children have the largest space for activities. There are not only exquisite and lifelike tree houses, but also bookshelves with amazing shapes. They are also specially designed by surrounding the bookshelves with trees. The design rich in childlike and dreamlike is different.