Which Places Are More Suitable For Plant Walls?

- Nov 12, 2018-

In general, the plant wall can be made indoors or outdoors, just look at the style of the plant wall that the owner likes. Different plant wall accessories have different plant wall styles. Of course, you can also put outdoor plants. The scenery moved into the interior; the outdoor plant wall is based on our many years of experience, usually outside the company building or the company's logo brand, and some places like wall railings, as long as there are normal The walls can be made in the same place; the indoor situation is also the same, but the indoors are relatively more elaborate, because there are more indoor decorations, so it will be more coordination, and the problem of plant matching. Or some ritual feng shui problems. The layout of the living room or office and interior is also very particular.

So where is the right place to make a plant wall?

First of all, I will talk about some layouts in the living room or the reception room. The living room is generally a place for visitors. It is said that "there are friends who come from afar, and are not happy." In the place where friends are received, we should reflect the hospitality and enthusiasm of our owners. Therefore, we should do some decorative elements in the living room to reflect our hospitality; add some plant walls in the living room to beautify our living environment, then what to choose Too much plant wall accessories, try to choose some of the larger plant wall accessories, so it looks more atmospheric.

There is also the problem of decorative design. The interior decoration layout is arranged in a dotted line style, and it is also a habitual decorative layout. That is to say, our plant wall layout should follow some indoor space and furniture to determine the plant. The height of the wall is misplaced; there is also the problem of the layout of Feng Shui. It is based on the principle of our position and the five elements of Wang Xiangsheng. The plant wall is in the five elements, so it is not conducive to the west. Because the west side is gold, Jin Kemu. However, this is not a single matter, it depends on the master's numerology.

There is also the office is also more suitable for plant walls, because the office gives people a lot of work pressure, doing some plant walls can effectively reduce our work pressure, can also properly adjust our work mood and adjust our vision; green It gives people a feeling of relaxation and pleasure, giving people a feeling of being fresh and refined, which can effectively adjust our working mood. The office is also a place suitable for plant walls. It is recommended to choose green plant wall accessories for decoration.