Why Does A Communication Base Station Pretend To Be An Artificial Tree?

- Sep 19, 2019-

A lot of people are curious about why communication operators  hide their base stations. They sometimes were dressed up as trees. What's the point?

base station treeartificial base station tree

1. The need of communication base station in life

First of all, it has to be admitted that the communication base station of the communication operator is indispensable. If such a communication base station is not installed in People's Daily life, people's communication equipment and network will become increasingly slow, and there will be no such smooth and comfortable communication and the sense of worship to the new era.

2. Radiation treatment in the base station

Many people think that the installation of base station in the community will cause a lot of radiation to the whole community, but if not installed base station even watching TV has become a luxury thing, so some operators have adopted the communication base station disguised as an artificial base station tree , can effectively reduce the radiation of the base station.

Of course, a disguised base station is less likely to be damaged, which is a way for operators to protect it.