Why Is The Artificial Green Sculpture Market So Hot

- Jul 23, 2019-

There are many kinds of green sculpture, such as green sculpture in parks, green sculpture in cities, green sculpture in gardens, green sculpture in squares, green sculpture in plants and green sculpture in factories, but these nouns have a unified name "green sculpture".

green sculpture

Why is artificial green sculpture so popular?

The real plant sculpture is based on complicated pruning, which needs long-term maintenance in the later stage. It is easy to be damaged when encountering extreme weather.However, the production process of simulated green plant sculpture is very short, and the model can be established in a short time, and the simulated green plant can be decorated on the basis of the model.The simulated green plants are more selective, rich in color and soft in material, which can be used for all kinds of complex shapes. The shapes are easier to make, the service life is longer, and the maintenance cost is greatly saved.